Our Perfect Day

...will be the day we find out we're going to bring home another baby!

Our perfect days usually start with a yummy breakfast of pancakes or French toast. Then we have to get out into the garden and get our hands dirty while we tend to the 70 different kinds of beautiful trees, flowers and bushes.

We take trips to museums, pumpkin patches, local parks for long walks, or simply stay at home and blow up the kiddie pool for some splashy fun! When it is cold outside we play in our big finished basement, build a fire in our fireplace or stay warm baking batches of cookies to share with neighbors. No day would be complete without singing some songs or creating a fun art project with Liam.

As the day comes to an end we make a big, tasty home cooked dinner with fresh ingredients. Finally settling in for a movie or playing games while listening to music!

Dressing alike accidentally on purpose!
Snacking at church!
Hanging out with Daddy
Papi blow! It's hot!
Home made pizza!
New Year's Day piggyback ride on Papi!_.
He's still not sure about the snow and b
The orchid show
Reading is fundamental!
Pirates and bunnies?
Rain break
Love the rain!
Tough guys
Bunny power!
Sleepy time
Juice boxes are serious business! #gayda