About Us

Marvin + Vaughn + Liam + Baby = Big Happy Family.

We met in 2006 and knew right away we were meant for each other. We spent a lot of those first years together going to museums, cooking and having friends and family over for big dinners.

A few years later, surrounded by friends and family, we got church married. In 2011 when gay marriage was passed in New York, we legally remarried during Sunday Service with the entire Church celebrating. 

Along the way we adopted two dogs who became our constant companions and help us make lots of neighborhood friends. 

In 2017 we adopted Liam and became a bigger family. We recently moved out to New Jersey into a large house with a funny history (ask us about the previous owners!) and a beautiful yard. Now we like to spend time with Liam and our dogs playing in the yard, or sitting in front of our fireplace.

We really love to garden and have over 70 different flowers, trees and bushes on our property. We still love to cook and host big dinners for our friends and family, so the house is always full of people, laughter and love.

Outdoor festival
Liam loves our garden's flowers
Vacation time
Juice boxes are serious business! #gayda
Sleepy Baby
A walk in the park
Pirates and bunnies!
Balloons. Are. Magic.
Slides are the best!
Nap time
Hanging out on the front porch
Reading a Halloween book
Playing with Storm
You know.....the box is best!
First foods!
Hanging out with Daddy and Papi


Profession: Architect
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Vaughn says:

Marvin is a brilliant, loyal man with an infectious laugh. His dedication and love for me, our family and friends is fierce and true. Every time his funny bone is struck he never holds back on his joy. His big family gives him lots of experience with kids and teens and he has the magic touch with babies who always find calm and happiness in his arms.

His work as an architect makes him good both at art and math and he is responsible for all the beautifully designed rooms in our home. As an avid reader, he devours non-fiction books, mythologies, mystery novels and comics alike. We have been inseparable since we first met and genuinely love to spend time in each other's company. Our house is our home because we are in it together.



Profession: Director of Client Experience
Ethnicity: Swedish

Marvin says:

Vaughn is the most honest man in the whole world, he cannot tell a lie and I love him for it. He grew up in farm country and his favorite smell is freshly plowed manure in the fields; I can't say I agree. As a friend, he is caring and always thoughtful of others feelings. An attentive man, he always sees things most people miss and likes to make up funny life stories about strangers in the street; sometimes I think they might be true.

Music is Vaughn's life; physically and emotionally affecting him like no one I've seen. When he listens to a piece of music he imaginarily conducts the orchestra raising them in crescendo and lowering them to a whisper; you can see the joy spill out of him. I can honestly say that he has changed my life like no one else; he is my best friend and love.

This is how we do a hot day!.jpg


Wants to be the best big brother!

I really love singing and dancing to songs!

Cheese, olives, pickles, hummus and spinach dip are some of my favorite foods (and I really love pizza!). I love to hug and throw the ball for Storm. My favorite colors are yellow and purple and I love to count. I am SUPER happy and cannot wait to be a big brother!

He's still not sure about the snow and b


Storm: Lab Mix

Storm is the best dog in the world! She really loves Liam and has been kissing him non-stop since he was born. Liam loves to give hugs and Storm plays with him all the time.