Family is at the heart of our traditions as we celebrate the foods and activities from our childhood that hold special meaning for us. It is important that we pass down these moments to our children.

Lighting of the Advent candles and a big Christmas Carol party are the focus of our Christmas where we bring together friends and family for singing. We make a special trip to the annual train show as well as don our matching Christmas PJs. Don't forget the mounds of cakes, scones, cookies and treats that we prepare!

In Spring we celebrate Easter and Palm Sunday with music, church activities, dying eggs and a big Easter dinner. And of course our Easter Bunny ears come out!

Halloween is a fun time to bring people together for one of our birthdays, we try to carve the best pumpkins ever and we always join up with our family to pick apples! In the Fall, Vaughn sings for the Jewish High Holidays with friends at a Temple in the city.

These traditions are what we are looking forward to sharing with a new baby.

Easter Egg Hunting
Walking through the spring flowers
Christmas with Baby Liam!
Celebrating pride!
Holiday Train Show
Christmas PJs
Apple Picking
Reading Christmas books
Ice cream at our favorite place!
Easter Eggs
Decorating the tree